Lutheran Men in Mission

All men of Saint Luke are members of LMM per the constitution of the ELCA Lutheran Men in Mission and are invited to participate in the activities of our local chapter.  Saint Luke LMM takes seriously our Christ‑centered mission of service.  But – not to be confused with some perception of tedious service to mankind, we are joy‑centered, exuberant servants who enjoy the freedom to be ourselves and serve by doing the little (and big) things that make a difference in peoples’ lives.  If you have a problem, ask for our help.  The “job jar” in the Narthex is for your use.  If we can’t solve your problem, we will try our best to get you help.  We subscribe to John Heywood’s philosophy that “many hands make light work.”  If everybody participates, the work and the celebration are a joyful witness to our love of Christ.

LMM is also an acronym for our meeting date.  We meet on the Last Monday of the Month (LMM), at 6:15PM at St. Luke.  We have a prayer and dinner, after which there is a program and business meeting.  LMM members prepare the meals on a voluntary, rotating basis, we contribute $5 as an offering (as we are able) that underwrites our expenses, and we decide as a group on how our treasury is dispensed in support of our ministry to our Lord’s mission.  Feel free to drop in for dinner and stay for the program if you wish.  All are welcome.

2018 Lutheran Men In Mission Board

Bill Mealia, Secretary; Gary Reynolds, Treasurer; George Drakulic, President; Ed Kilmon, Vice-President.